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About KYOM 104.9

KYOM 104.9 is completely donation-based. Our fuel is the community itself. Our intent is to inform you about what is going around you, in the best way possible. Please consider donating, every dollar helps.

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Horace Kennedy

Station Manager





1016 E Pawnee St, Wichita, KS 67211

About KYOM 104.9

KYOM 104.9 started off as KSUN 95.9 a project of Sunflower Community Action (SCA) in August 2015. This project began after President Obama signed into law *The Local Community Radio Act in 2011. It took ten years for the media justice advocates and community groups to get the act passed. After the act was signed the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) opened a short window in 2013 for groups to submit applications for radio station licenses. SCA made the proper contacts and submitted the required application. In 2014 SCA received the FCC construction permit and the first meeting to construct the radio station was had. In 2015 construction began on KSUN studios, the operational permit was received and KSUN aired all in the same year. KSUN was created to be fueled by the community as it became Your Community Radio Station.

We all went through a lot during the COVID-19 pandemic and so did SCA and the radio station. In 2022 SCA revamped and began to do the same with the radio station and renamed it KYOM. In 2023 a new team began to form, and podcasts and PSAs were aired. KYOM then created a website and started gaining a social media following. We now are continuing to grow, expand and get more involved in our community. KYOM 104.9 continues to be Your Community Radio Station and is fueled by the community itself. KYOM is completely donation-based, so please consider donating, every dollar helps. Tune in to KYOM 104.9 and experience what your community has to offer.


*This legislation mandated the government, specifically the FCC, to issue brand new noncommercial FM radio licenses all across the country to nonprofits and their partnering community groups, including for the first time in major cities! These non-commercial stations can broadcast local news, independent music and arts, and other diverse programming not heard on commercial radio. The new licensing opportunity for community radio presented a radical departure from the status quo in our media system, valuing localism over consolidation. Media ownership in the United States is currently highly concentrated in the hands of a few giant corporations.

KYOM 104.9 Historical Timeline

FCC issued new radio licenses. SCA applied for one.

SCA Received FCC Contruction Permit.

First formal SCA meeting for constructing the radio station.

Contruction began on KSUN studios.

KSUN 95.9, Your Community Radio Station began broadcasting.

COVID -19 pandemic causes issues with the station.

Renamed KYOM 104.9

KYOM team begins to form and creates PSAs, Podcasts, website and social media.

January, 2011

October, 2013

February, 2014

December, 2014

February, 2015

August, 2015




KYOM 104.9 Year End Update 2023 

We got a new start in 2023! KYOM 104.9 is now streaming online through our website and our streaming platform. We got a new team who's excited to grow KYOM, a new logo, created podcasts, produced FREE PSAs, opened a Facebook and Instagram page to you all informed on what we have to offer, averaged 25+ listeners a week, and impacted 25+ radio guest. We are happy to say that we have engaged with a total estimate of 1,230 radio guest and listeners. With your help we can increase this number in 2024.


We have many more projects that we will introduce in 2024 so make sure you tune in to the radio station, like and follow us on Facebook & Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter to see what we have to come!

KYOM 104.9 Radio Schedule

Old School Soul

Old School R&B

Democracy Now!




Mon. - Fri. 8 AM & 8 PM

Mon. - Fri. 11 AM & 7PM

Fridays at 11 AM

Sundays 6 AM - 1 PM

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